Chennai Trail Ultra 2023

Welcome to Chennai Trail Club, where we want individuals to break free from the mundane routine and immerse yourself in the wonders of the trails.

Trail Day

Sep 10,2023

Gojan School of Business and Technology

Things to know

    Tips to be followed

    • Ensure that your toenails are trimmed. Keep ready your race kit (t-shirt and shorts), hydration belt the previous night itself.
    • If you are prone to chafing, apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly wherever muscle rubs (nipples, inner thighs).
    • Do not have anything unusual the night before the run. You might like to have something very light like a banana or a slice of bread about 1 hour before the run.
    • Please ensure to do dynamic stretches before and after the run. Our physio will be leading warm up and cool down sessions. Post run, walk for a while and do static stretches to relax your muscles.
    • Line yourself according to your estimated finishing time. Faster runners should line up in front and slower runners, joggers/ walkers should take their place at the back.
    • Do not sprint. Pace yourself comfortably. You should be able to carry on a conversation while running.
    • Do not obstruct the runners behind you. If you choose to slow down/ walk, move to the left of the trail, giving way for the faster runners to overtake you.
    • Hydrate yourself well but do not over-hydrate. Do not gulp too much water all at once. Consume water sip by sip, just enough to replenish lost fluids. Along with water, also have some solids (biscuits/ bananas) and/ or electrolyte.
    • Listen to your body. If for any reason you feel you cannot continue, there is no shame in throwing the towel. Please walk slowly to the nearest refreshment point and inform our volunteers that you need assistance. We have ambulances and Doctors in case of emergency separately for adults and kids.
    • Don’t throw paper cups inside the dam / greenery. Use the waste bins kept near the refreshment points. If required, put reflective tape on your running gear.
    • Study the course so you know what to expect. Where are the turns, uphills, downhills or flats? How many aid stations? Where are they located?
    • Go to bed early. If you’re nervous about waking up in the morning, set multiple alarms

    Must Carry

    We recommend runners to carry following items:


    Attach your BIB to your running t-shirt, ensure that the Timing chip is properly attached to the BIB.

    Emergency Number

    Write an emergency number (wife, parent, relative…) on the back of your BIB?.

    Hydration Belt

    To carry additional water in between the aid stations [as you require].

    Sun Protection

    Depending on the weather we can expect hot sun in the open location after 8am.(cap, sun screen)


    Must for 50 km and 32.2 km runners.

    Points to be noted

    • Runners completing their run within the above Cut-off timings will receive a Chennai Trail Ultra 2023 finishing medal.
    • Separate post-run rankings will be published for male/female under the below mentioned categories:

    Open (16-42 years)

    Veteran (43+ years)

    • We will also provide e-certificates within a few days after the event with your finish timing.
    • Always listen to your body and stop if you feel exhausted or have any body pains.

    Note that completing a marathon is more important than winning.

    Our aid stations will be equipped with below items:



    Banana & Orange

    Snickers & Groundnut bars

    Lemon & Salt

    Boiled Potato

    First aid/ Volini


    If you require any other refreshments while running then please arrange the same yourself

    Over Night Stay

    • There is a large covered open space where runners can stay free overnight on Saturday (no separate registration required).
    • Some 200+ runners and volunteers stayed at the campus in previous edition.
    • Those opting to stay overnight please bring along following items:

    Sleeping Mat



    Odomos (just in case)

    Food Coupon

    One meal (either Breakfast or Lunch on Sunday) is included in the Registration fee for Runners of all categories. Additionally Food Coupons need to be ordered for other cases as mentioned below using this link provided in Preparatory mail sent after registration closure.

    Saturday Dinner (09 Sep)

    For runners, accompanying friends and relatives, planning to stay overnight at the venue (Dinner will be served between 7:00 – 9:00 pm).

    Sunday Breakfast (10 Sep)

    For accompanying friends + relatives only. For runners it is included in registration. (Breakfast will be served between 9:00 – 11:00 am).

    Sunday Lunch (10 Sep)

    For Runners (who have taken Breakfast), accompanying friends + relatives. For Runners who may complete the Marathon after 11:00 am, Lunch will be served as part of the Registration, since Breakfast would have been closed by that time. (Lunch will be served between 11:30 – 2:00 pm).

    Terrain & Trail

    Terrain & Trail

    The running route of CTU is a mesmerizing multi-terrain experience. Runners will traverse dams, cashew farms, canyons, paddy fields, small villages, sandy riverbeds, and vast grasslands. The trail encompasses hard dirt tracks, red soil with small gravel, sand trails, sections of tar roads, and grasslands. Running on such uneven terrain demands heightened focus from runners, particularly for those participating in the 32 km/50 km Ultra race during dark hours. It is important to stay balanced and avoid venturing off the trail into water bodies or surrounding vegetation.

    Tips to be followed

    The terrain is not same:

    We call it a multi-terrain marvel. Therefore, running in the trail has its own unique challenges and being watchful and alert while running on the trail.

    Find your rhythm:

    Running off road can be exhausting, focus on finding the rhythm until you sense being one with the terrain.

    Run with a buddy:

    If you are not aiming at a podium finish or personal best, run with a buddy so that you can be safe inside the trails.

    Keep your eyes on the trail:

    It can be tempting to look at the nature around you, but doing so can quickly lead to tripping and falling. It is advisable to keep your eyes on the trail.

    Taste the Chennai Canyons:

    It is best to avoid comparing your pace, as you will be slower than your normal road-running pace. Instead, slow your pace and develop a trail tempo.

    Sport with your Trail shoes:

    If you have a pair of trail running shoes, sport with them. They reduce the chance of ankle rolls with a high heel.


    It is advisable to apply sunscreen, wear your sunglasses, cap/hat or carry a piece of white cotton cloth to cover yourself when the sun is pretty hard after 8 a.m.

    Maintaining Cleanliness

    Runners are advised not to throw any cups, wrappers (chocolate/gels), other waste either on the trail or inside water bodies. Use the waste bins kept near the refreshment points. Sholavaram tank is one of the well maintained tank and major supplier of drinking water to the people of Chennai city. Therefore, requesting the cooperation from the runners to maintain the cleanliness of the tank and the trail.

    Please note that barefoot running is not recommended.

    Maintaining Cleanliness

    Eligibility for Medal/ Certificate


    Runners (all categories) finishing beyond above cut-off timings will not receive medal and finisher e-certificate.

    Cut Off Timings


    Open Men

    Open Women

    Veteran Men

    Veteran Women

    50 km

    07:30 hours

    07:30 hours

    08:00 hours

    08:00 hours

    32.2 km

    05:30 hours

    06:00 hours

    06:00 hours

    06:30 hours

    16.1 km

    02:45 hours

    03:15 hours

    03:15 hours

    03:45 hours

    *Intermediate cut-off/distance will be provided in the preparatory mail